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Dental Success Network

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A Network For Dentists By Dentists


We can all agree that being a dentist is difficult.....We are a Protected Community of Dentists who work together with a Team of All-stars across all disciplines to provide clinical and business expertise. Real-time interaction to provide advice when you need it and how you need it with Expert Faculty who have done it before! It's as if you have a readymade Clinical and Business Advisory Board at your disposal to help you across all stages of being a Dentist. Think this is for you? 

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You Are Here Because



We all share a commitment to RESULTS. Partner with like-minded colleagues who will help you stay focused on your primary goal.


Real Time Collaboration

Have a question about a procedure or difficult case? Got a business question? Need to vent? Post your question to your private success circle for real-time feedback.


Lower Your Overhead

Tired of the “dental tax”? So are we. Learn how to become much more profitable in just 30 days by utilizing our negotiated discounts by leveraging our preferred vendor relationships.


CE Courses

Bridge what you learn online with preferred access and pricing to live continuing education taught at our educational facility in Scottsdale, AZ.

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This is not a social forum. We don’t care about likes or office gossip. This is a place for sharing valuable clinical and business information in a closed environment.


Clinical and Business Mentorship

Interact with key opinion leaders in digital dentistry, implants, orthodontics, endodontics, periodontics, oral surgery, TMD, dental sleep medicine, prosthodontics, and practice management.


Faculty members

Since 2009, Dr. Cory Glenn has owned and operated a solo practice in Winchester, TN.  He loves living in a beautiful rural area but faced challenges early on due to the relatively low income in my area.  Dr. Glenn wanted to have a high tech practice and do a lot of complex dentistry so he has had to develop numerous creative techniques and treatment approaches that allow him to offer comprehensive dentistry while still making it affordable for his patient base.

Dr. Cory Glenn
Digital Dentistry

Dr. Mark Costes is far from a typical dentist and dental coach. During his career, he has been able to start or acquire over a dozen successful dental practices during some of the profession’s most challenging times. But Dr. Costes’s journey was not without its setbacks. In fact, he credits much of his success to the fact that he made more mistakes in his first year of private practice ownership than most dentists make in an entire career. 

Dr. Mark Costes
Multiple Practice Ownership

Dr. Maloley completed an Advanced Education in General Dentistry residency in Ft. Jackson, South Carolina, then served as a Dental Officer in the U.S. Army for the next five years. While in the army, Dr. Maloley was stationed at dental clinics in Giebelstadt, Germany for two years and Vicenza, Italy for two years, providing general dentistry services for the local military communities. After he returned to the U.S. in 2007, he worked at a private practice before relocating to Colorado to open Vail Valley Dental Care.

Dr. David Maloley
It means we remain unbiased and ALL SAVINGS go to you!
Average members save 10-55% percent on vendors. Which is 10x your membership fee in most cases. It costs you to NOT be a part of DSN.
These are just a few of the trusted vendors with whom you get steep discounts with membership.

SEE What Our members have to say

Wow! Every clinical, business and leadership question answered exactly when I need it...many times I had questions answered before I knew I even had questions to ask! Add in the vendor discounts, and discounted CE and I’d pay 10x this, easy. Love DSN!

Dr. Dave Goldwyn
I’ve been lurking on free Facebook groups for some time now, and while helpful, I felt uneasy about the exchange of clinical information in such an open setting.  I love how through the DSN, I have access to not only a peer circle, but a direct line to some of the best and brightest in our industry to help answer my most difficult clinical questions.
Dr. Kathrina Agatep

The Dental Success Network is a high level discussion filled with the who's who of podcast guests, Dentaltown alums and CE lecturers. They say you're the average of the five people you spend the most time with... why not 500 of the best?

Dr. Jonas Ashbaugh
Officeheads Results
  • 1,817 new followers
  • 203 new contacts
  • 13 new sales qualified leads, 1 new sale
  • 8% click-through-rate on Direct Messages
Officeheads Results
  • 1,817 new followers
  • 203 new contacts
  • 13 new sales qualified leads, 1 new sale
  • 8% click-through-rate on Direct Messages

Hockey Stick Growth is Real

“…month 10 in my PPO scratch start-up. I collected 182k, working 3.5 days, in a highly competitive area. Want to know my secret? Well..there is none. Prior to dental school, I spent 10 years consulting Fortune 500 companies on how to manage business risk and strategy. What I learned there, I brought here: Systems, Strategy, and Leadership…”

-Dr. Tim McNamara

YES, you CAN bounce back from BROKE

My first year open, I collected a whopping $144k. Bankruptcy was on the horizon, and my PARENTS had to take out a second mortgage to rescue me from failure. I rolled up my sleeves, mapped out my goals, and 5 years later I collected $2M…enough to pay my parents back with some change left over. Now I’m opening up a 28 chair practice. I know there are others who are going through the same thing. Have faith, it will get better, but only if you get the right help.

-Dr. David Bender


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