Advice on Outsourcing Insurance Verification

Post from DSN User:

“I have been looking at outsourcing Insurance Verification and A/R for a long time. After mistakes and poor employee performance, I have decided it is time to make the transition.

Anyone with experience with eAssist or Practice Mechanic?”



“I’ve had a phenomenal experience with eassist … but it has a lot to do with the person that manages my case, I think. We had a lengthy conversation about them last week. If you search “eassist” you find that thread and see what others think.”

———–  Original Poster Reply: “I will have to set up a demo with them…I don’t like the minimum fee though….I am a small office I get more CC and cash then insurance payments”

————  Reply: “We’re heavy PPO. I did notice that it’s still less expensive than a full time employee when you factor in taxes and benefits. In addition, you get 2 people assigned to the accounts – so it just made sense for us. Our collections are over 100% actually because we’re collecting on old debt now.”


As a Dentist and Practice Owner there are an endless supply of decisions to be made. No one wants to jump into something without knowing what they’re getting into. When you purchase something online more times than not you look at the reviews to see if the product is worth the money. When making business decisions the concept of seeking reviews first still applies.


The community that Dental Success Network has created is phenomenal in the sense that you can offer your opinion on a product or service or you can seek other’s opinions. Everyone within DSN is actively working to help one another succeed. If you need advice on a service- DSN. If you need help with a case- DSN. If you just need to vent because after an hour  with a patient you still couldn’t help them- DSN!


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