DSN Vendor Hub

DSN Vendor Hub

Trusted vendors. Deepest discounts.

The vendors you want offering savings you can’t deny.

DSN Vendor Hub provides deep discounts from only the vendors you want and need. Enjoy members only savings on supplies, tools and technology, marketing services and more. The best part, DSN does not receive any affiliate fees from our vendors. This means you can trust that we have vetted and negotiated the lowest rates to then pass the entire savings on to you! Additionally, members continue to rate and offer feedback on vendor performance keeping customer service and delivery at it’s best.

You’ll save more on vendors than it cost you to be a DSN member!

DSN Vendor Hub Benefits

Big Savings

DSN takes no affiliate fees passing the entire savings on to you, the members.

More Choice

DSN offers just a few vendors in each category with DSN exclusivity in exchange for deeper discounts while providing you with more choices.

Faculty Tested

DSN faculty has used and therefore recommends each vendor within the network.

Member Monitored

Members rate and provide feedback on vendor performance to help ensure vendors continue to provide members with impeccable service and quality outcomes.

DSN Vendor List

Business Stack Features

DSN Workplace
DSN Education Hub
DSN Vendor Hub
DSN Mentor Dividends

Collaborate with the best minds in dentistry

Workplace is an extensive collection of online private workplace communities led by highly qualified dental faculty to aid with the challenges of dentistry and business.

Get your team trained by experts

Dental TEAM Success Network (DTSN) is led by business-trained coaches that provide on-going team leadership and culture training to help you improve systems and team unity in an environment that fosters active learning with accountability and to ensure your success.

Continuing education at home or in person

Enjoy online CE from the comfort of home, or take a live hands-on course at one of our state-of-the-art faclities. All from some of the best minds in dentistry. Online learning includes training, testing and certificate fulfillment all digitally for your convience.

Take advantage of exclusive vendor savings

The DSN vendor hub includes exclusive DSN members only discounts on supplies, tools, technology, marketing and more. Better yet, DSN does not receive any affiliate fees from vendors, ensuring we have vetted vendors solely on performance and then passed on 100% of the savings to you.

Refer others to the DSN community

Be a mentor to dental friends and colleagues, introduce them to the value of DSN in exchange for big rewards. Grow the network and we will give you a mentor dividend making your membership to DSN even less expensive while maintaining all your membership features.

$179 per month

Membership Pricing.

Just reach out to one of our highly trained specialists to find answers to your questions and to apply for membership today!

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