DSN Workplace

DSN Workplace

Collaborate with the best minds in Dentistry.

Turn Ideas Into Action With DSN Workplace.

DSN Workplace leverages private business communities within the Facebook platform. Each community is led and monitored by highly qualified DSN dental faculty to help you collaborate and solve virtually every business challenge you face in dentistry. All within a controlled environment where you can feel safe to share, collaborate and solve your most pressing challenges.

DSN Workplace Benefits

Judgement Free Zone

Unlike un-managed FREE communities on Facebook, DSN Workplace is a judgement free zone. Before becoming a paying memberclients must agree and sign to a code of conduct before being allowed member privileges.

Led by experts

It’s not a free for all in here. Input and support is provided by Dentists that have already solved the problems you’re facing today. Save valuable time and money by receiving advice from peers who have already been through, and solved the issues you’re facing in business.

Comprehensive Coverage

Workplace has numerous communities covering every aspect of Dentistry. Be a part of as many communities as you want to learn and grow.

Collaborative & Supportive

All DSN members are expected to be involved and be supportive of one another. You will find there are more information exchanges, with far more depth of involvement than any of the free communities. DSN members are committed to serving each other.

Strength in Numbers

Together, we get more done. More minds to solve problems, offer sound advice and negotiate in the best interest of the industry. Together we can accomplish more.

Highly Monitored

It’s quite simple. Members are held accountable. Gossip, bullying or negative behavior of any kind, and your membership will be revoked. This is a place for positive growth and encouragement.

Business Stack Features

Collaborate with the best minds in dentistry

Workplace is an extensive collection of online private workplace communities led by highly qualified dental faculty to aid with the challenges of dentistry and business.

$179 per month

Membership Pricing.

Just reach out to one of our highly trained specialists to find answers to your questions and to apply for membership today!

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