DTSN Team Workplace

Where leaders are formed and culture is developed.

Led by the best coaches in the business.

DSN Team Success Network is led by the best business-trained coaches in the business. Here you will find on-going team leadership and culture training to help you improve systems and team unity in an environment that fosters active learning and accountability. The most successful dental practices have the best teams and culture. You can begin fostering yours right here.

DTSN Team Benefits

Cultivate Team Culture

Creating a great culture begins by creating unity amongst team members. DTSN provides a great environment to learn each others behavioral strengths and to improve weaknesses.

Leverage Superior Coaching

Coaches provide a comprehensive curriculum and structure to take you from where you are, raising you to the next level.

Share and Communicate

Find something you like and want to share it with your team? It’s never been so easy to reach and share with your team valuable information they need to know.

Improve Systems

Systems improve when your team enjoys autonomy while at the same time appreciating what’s expected of them. DTSN will help you foster team systems and protocols to improve accountability.

Team Members Only

DTSN gives team members a chance to be surrounded by others in their same job position, versus being surrounded by other Dentists.

Safe Environment

Team members can ask questions they really want to know, in a place that’s designed to motivate and inspire them.

Business Stack Features

Collaborate with the best minds in dentistry

Workplace is an extensive collection of online private workplace communities led by highly qualified dental faculty to aid with the challenges of dentistry and business.

$179 per month

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