Continuing Education

Members of Dental Success Network have access to a library that includes hundreds of hours of dental continuing education videos on dental practice management, leadership, occlusion, dental implants, orthodontics and digital dentistry. Videos include resources and downloadable documents to help you gain the most out of the education. Our continuing education library saves members an average of $20,000 per year.

To help increase your leadership and dental practice management knowledge, we also have the premium course from Dr. Mark Costes, Dental Success University. DSU includes eight sections that go from beginner to expert and will provide you the knowledge to execute in your dental practice at the highest level.

We have over 100 hours of dental continuing education available in our online learning center. Fulfill all your continuing requirements anytime and anywhere you want. We also have a number of continuing education events that you can attend for a huge discount and fun events that are completely free for all members, including OSHA and HIPPA Live and online training for teams.

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