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Biofunctional Health: Stop Digestive Acids From Destroying Your Patients Teeth and Your Dental Work

Speaker: Jason Campbell

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Acid is “THE” cause of all tooth decay. We understand the link between acid creating bacteria and sugar, we understand the risk of acidic foods and beverages, yet we continue to ignore the fact that stomach acid and indigestive disorders are destroying your patients, teeth, compromising the dental work you provide and inducing issues of TMJD, chronic facial pain and the development of parafunctional habits of bruxism. It’s time to understand the in’s and out’s of these issues, expand your clinical skill set to include interventive dentistry and be a hero to your patients with tools to help them correct and reverse the affects of these challenging disorders and extend the longevity of their teeth.


About the Instructor:

Dr. Jason C. Campbell is the founder and clinical director of the Advanced Prosthetics Institute, Center for Education of Complex Dental Issues. He Pioneers the foundational principles for recognizing and treating “Biofunctional Disorders” with patients suffering from the syndromic effects and symptoms of pain created by poor Jaw biomechanics, occlusal force distribution problems, localized mechanical lactic acid build up and systemic acid and inflammation conditions. His clinical practice is focused in treatment of complex care issues including surgical reconstruction, complex cosmetic rehabilitations, and treatment for patients suffering with symptoms of TMJD, chronic facial pain, chronic headaches, occlusal disease, dental demise and terminal dentition.


Educational Objectives:

Participants can expect to gain an understanding of the related effect of digestive acids and illness in the oral cavity, the devastating effect it can have on teeth and the general impact it has on total body wellness and sense of well being. Participants will gain a greater understanding of organ systems involved in digestion and healthy body PH and the importance of the interrelated role they share in regulating a healthy physiologic PH environment. This course addresses what can be done in an office setting to help patients when they suffer with acid illness to protect the mouth with oral acid neutralization protocols, systemic alkalization protocols, protocols to create a proper digestive environment that will also mitigate the annoying effects of heart burn, acid reflux, GERD, inflammatory bowel issues and excretory problems.

CE Hours – 2

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