Dental Industry Overview & Outlook

Speaker: Perrin DesPorts

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Group Dental Practices and DSOs are seemingly everywhere these days and we all know someone who has started one of their own. This course will attempt to explain why everyone is so interested in building or selling a group practice as well as what is driving this overall trend in consolidation from a valuation standpoint. It will also explain how the proliferation of group practices and DSOs will impact the potential sale of a solo location private practice.


About the Instructor:

Perrin DesPortes is a co-Founder and Partner @ TUSK. He has over 22 years of leadership, sales, operations, and P&L management experience in the dental industry, having rebuilt and successfully led 3 branches for Patterson Dental Supply. TUSK Partners provides industry-leading resources to group dental practices and DSOs with over 50 years of combined experience. We help our clients START, GROW and SELL their DSO by combining historical experience with a progressive vision for our evolving industry in order to create the greatest value for our clients.


Educational Objectives:

Upon completion of this course, participants should understand the following: the future trends of consolidation in the dental industry; drivers of value in the group practice space; what Private Equity Groups look for in terms of acquisitions; the impact of these trends on the future of solo practices nearing the point of selling.

CE Hours – 1

Disclosure: The speaker declares that neither he nor any of his partners nor any member of his family have any financial arrangement or affiliation with any corporate organization offering financial support of grant monies for this continuing education program.