Dental Supplies, Organization and Efficiency – bring total Zen to your Practice

Speaker: Tiger Safarov

Course Details


Since 2015 I’ve been focusing on dental supplies and helping dental teams across the country to get efficient, organized and achieve the goal of 4% overhead. I have visited close to 200 practices, most of them I drove too and with all of them I had a privilege to help and also learn. I would like this course to be actionable, from easy steps you can take to bring your overhead down to 4% on supplies, to how to keep your team accountable and most importantly what habits and routines do you need to instill while having fun and being totally in control


About the Instructor:

Tiger is the Founder and CEO of a dental tech startup ZenSupplies focused on empowering dental teams across the country to achieve 4% overhead goal and bring total Zen to their practice. His journey in US began in 2005 when he immigrated with his family to Chicago. In 2007, at the age of 22, while pursuing bachelor’s degree at Illinois Tech, Tiger started his first business, building dental practices in Chicagoland area. By 2015 Siegel Construction grew to become #1 dental design-build firm in Chicago, when Tiger was able successfully sell it and today it continues to thrive and achieve big things. Shortly after selling Siegel, Tiger focused on solving problem that every dental practice has – inventory control. Relentless on his pursue of finding the right solution Tiger has learned a great deal on how to keep practices under 4% budget on supplies and inspire teams to achieve total “ZEN” in their practice.


Educational Objectives:

After completion of this course, participants will be able to take practical knowledge, forms, templates and apply to their practice the next day. You will learn how to negotiate prices, common things that vendors wouldn’t want you to know and how to keep your team accountable!

CE Hours – 1

Disclosure: I would like to declare that since I’m running ZenSupplies I will not be able to share exact prices of the products from different vendors, nor specify name vendors that practice weird business traits, nor share private information of some of the vendors.

I will also be using word Zen not for a commercial reason of ZenSupplies, but for the purpose of bringing peace to your practice.