How To Influence Leads and Build Patient Loyalty With Your Digital Brand

Speaker: Korey Korfiatis

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Without a well-defined brand, your marketing doesn’t stand a chance. Brand helps you stand out and differentiate yourself from the competition down the street. In addition, because we all know Dentistry is viewed as a parity service much like car insurance, branding helps better define your value-proposition ( or promise) to leads and patients. This, in turn, helps motivate them to take action based on their emotional decision-making behavior as opposed to a price driven call-to-action.


About the Instructor:

Chief Brand Strategist

Korey’s 20 year career in strategic brand development and relationship marketing has gained him national recognition and industry awards.

A serial entrepreneur, Korey dropped out of college after less than a year to begin his career. After working for several creative companies, Korey set out to build his first creative company at just 26 years of age. Korey is an accomplished speaker and writer on the subjects of dental marketing and brand strategy and holds Marcom & Davey Branding Awards for his work.

During his career, Korey has helped start, re-brand and transition thousands of dental practices across the country. Korey is also the Co-Founder and
Co-CEO of Legwork, a patient communications and marketing software for dentistry.


Educational Objectives:

Upon completion of this course you will come away with the following:

  • Better understand the definition of what a brand is
  • Be able to better discern how a brand impacts consumer decision-making behavior
  • Know the basic building blocks to design and implement an effective brand, including:
    • Service/patient alignment – align your ideal service & target patient
    • Visual Identity- logo, font, color imagery
    • Storyline & Philosophy – mission, promise & tagline
    • Culture Protocols – living the brand through your actions
    • Memorability – what is the one thing you can do to be more memorable

CE Hours – 1

Disclosure: The speaker declares that no additional purchases or products or services that may be described in this presentation are necessary in order to benefit from the course material. In addition, no prior financial or otherwise, have been made between Legwork, Okeefe Korfiatis Consulting and the Dental Success Network.