How to Market Your Brand Throughout the Entire Lead-To-Patient Journey to Build a Thriving Dental Practice

Speaker: Korey Korfiatis

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In this course, we will discuss the entire process tools and techniques you need to develop effectively market your brand through digital marketing and team communications. From the Google ad – to the landing page – to the conversion – to the drip marketing – to the team call training – and beyond. It’s all here, spelled out in step-by-step detail!


About the Instructor:

Chief Brand Strategist

Korey’s 20 year career in strategic brand development and relationship marketing has gained him national recognition and industry awards.

A serial entrepreneur, Korey dropped out of college after less than a year to begin his career. After working for several creative companies, Korey set out to build his first creative company at just 26 years of age. Korey is an accomplished speaker and writer on the subjects of dental marketing and brand strategy and holds Marcom & Davey Branding Awards for his work.

During his career, Korey has helped start, re-brand and transition thousands of dental practices across the country. Korey is also the Co-Founder and
Co-CEO of Legwork, a patient communications and marketing software for dentistry.


Educational Objectives:

Upon completion of this course you will come away with the following:

  • SEO VS. Search Marketing – how the work together to dominate search
  • Search marketing – understanding the difference between Google ads and Facebook ads
  • Landing page design and development – how to build effective landing pages that convert
  • PRM Software – The importance of a PRM software to help you automate the process of managing and converting leads to patients
  • Communication and Persuasion – How to effectively arm your team with communication techniques to handle lead calls effectively
  • Retention tactics – How to keep the patients you worked hard to earn, and get them to refer and review you

CE Hours – 1

Disclosure: Legwork and Okeefe Korfiatis Consulting are mentioned in this presentation solely for the purpose of describing the processes and protocols that were developed alongside these companies to solve the automation and marketing requirements outlined. However, neither product or service is necessary to be purchased in order to complete the processes and techniques you will learn in this course.