How You are Taxed – A Look at Income Taxes and Business Entities

Speaker: Jonathan VanHorn

Course Details


Income taxes are confusing. How are you taxed? What effect does a business entity have on taxes? What is the best choice for you? This is an introductory course on what income taxes are and how income flows to your personal tax return at the end of the year.


About the Instructor:

  • Jonathan VanHorn, CPA/ABV created DentistMetrics to solve the problem facing many dentists – they have a complicated business and their time is stretched way too thin. Most dentists spend 15,000 hours learning to be a dentist but ZERO hours learning how to be a business owner.
  • DentistMetrics aims to completely automate and outsource the bookkeeping, financial reporting, and tax portion of the dentist’s business so that they can focus on what really matters in their practice.
  • By creating an automated workflow for the dentist and by focusing on showing dentists what numbers they need to be watching, DentistMetrics has allowed dental practices around the country to raise profits by hundreds of thousands of dollars a year.
  • When not interviewing dentists on his podcast Start Your Dental Practice, coaching dentists on being a better business owner, or just nerding it up with business owners about ways to be more profitable Jonathan enjoys spending time going to the lake with his wife April, daughter Harper, and son Finn. He’s also been known to play golf. (poorly)
  • Weird facts about Jonathan – he was once ranked in the top ten in the nation at whiffleball, played bass guitar in a rock band for eight years, and spent his college years playing semi-professional poker.
  • DentistMetrics currently serves close to 150 dental practices in over 30 states.

Educational Objectives:

Upon completion of this course, attendees will be able to:

  1. Understand the difference in a personal tax return and a business tax return.
  2. Understand how income is taxed.
  3. Understand how different business entities are treated from a tax perspective, and how they are reflected on a personal tax return.

CE Hours – 1

Disclosure: This is an educational, introductory course. You should not expect to be able to watch this course and be able to walk away knowing everything about the tax code and how it applies to you, but it will help you get a solid footing in order to have better conversations with the professionals that are set up to help you succeed in this business.