Dr. Baron Grutter

Born in Jackson, TN, I grew up in Rockford, MI, a suburb of Grand Rapids. I had never really given much thought to Dentistry as a profession. Why, I don’t really know, but during the summer between my sophomore and junior year of undergrad, I had a conversation with a second year dental student that opened my eyes. After that, everything is history.

For undergrad, I attended Graceland University and received my degree in Mathematics and Chemistry. For my dental degree, I attended the University of Missouri in Kansas City. I purchased my practice in 2011, Happy Rock Dental. I have since focused it around digital dentistry, particularly in the areas of Cosmetics, Implantology, and Orthodontics. Basically, if it can be technology centered, I’m interested.

I have been involved with software testing and development in dentistry for many years, starting with Sirona’s CEREC Chairside Milling. Currently, I have the privilege of acting as Project Manager of BlueSkyBio’s Orthodontic Department. I also provide technical feeback to a number of companies to help them provide a better dental product.

I’ve been married to my beautiful bride, Grace, for 11 years and we have three amazing children: Bowen (8y/o), Nella (6y/o), and Corwin (2y/o). You can learn more about our daughter Nella and her fight against Type 1 Spinal Muscular atrophy at Facebook.com/PrayersForNella.

When I find some free time, I try to squeeze in some snow or water skiing, snowboarding, running, and CrossFit. When I’m not exploring new ways to improve my work, I try to make the most of my family time and enjoy great TV and movies.