Dr. Jason Lipscomb

Dr. Jason Lipscomb has had an interesting career in dentistry, and probably like no other. He started out as most dentists do, leaving dental school and heading into private practice. Along the way he took the usual route, but in 2008 he began educating other dentists about the use of social media and website marketing. That allowed him to travel around the country to many of the big dental meetings and meet some of the great minds in dentistry. After a break for 3 years to enjoy his kids, he joined on with Alan Mead to create the Dental Hacks Podcast in 2014. Since then, the podcast has grown to over 1 Million downloads and spawned Facebook groups with over 20,000 in attendance. Dr. Lipscomb once again travels the country interviewing and meeting the most interesting people in dentistry for the Dental Hacks Podcast. Feel free to find more about Dr. Lipscomb at http://dentalhacks.com