Dr. Tim McNamara

Dr. Tim McNamara has been told by the industry’s best that he is 1% dentist and 99% business. It isn’t because he doesn’t love clinical dentistry, it is simply that he was built in the business world and got his DDS afterwards.

After graduating with a Finance degree, he spent the better part of the next decade consulting fortune 50 and 500 companies on business strategy and risk. This means Dr. Tim spent years in the boardroom of BILLION dollar companies helping them to link strategy with systems to crush their competition. Tim quickly reached personal and professional goals inside that industry which allowed him to shift his career aspirations. He chose to enter dentistry.

Since graduating 4 years ago, Dr. Tim has coached hundreds of dentists, consulted on 2 national DSO expansions, created and sold his consulting company, built one of the fastest growing acquisition clinics, one of the fastest growing startup clinics, the Dental Success Network, 10x Dental Partners and a host of other companies outside of dentistry. He is proof that hard work, strategy, and collaboration matter. When asked how he has accomplished so much in such a little time: “Identify your proverbial finish line and work backwards to clearly see the steps it will take to get there. If you can shortcut a step through outsourcing, consulting, or strategic alliance then your decision is one rooted in the price of time saved and additional revenue achieved by crossing the finish line earlier. The math is simple. Leap everytime if it is in your favor.”