Getting a Deal

Getting a Deal

Post from DSN User:

“How many docs do we have interested in a Pikos video set deal?”


Many of our DSN members were excited and interested in getting a discount for Piko’s video set. Everyone agreed that the videos would be beneficial but the price point was too high. The original DSN member who posted the question delegated the task of negotiating a deal and ended up with an awesome outcome.


DSN COO: “I’m happy to try to negotiate a group buy if you or the DSN Director of Vendor’s want?”

Reply from Original Poster: “I’m happy to delegate that to you! Go for it!”


1 week later……


DSN COO: “Yes, we’re negotiating rates for the DVDs And also discounts for their conference. So… Discount for all pikos stuff. It’s looking promising, they’re eager to work together. I should hear back by this week. I told them we want the option to purchase a la carte or the full package of DVDs. They said also pricing will likely be more aggressive if it’s just streaming as opposed to the physical DVDs. I told them we have doctor’s international that would like streaming so they understood that.”


Offer received from company….


DSN COO: “Okay, we received the offer, I’ll send to the Director of Vendors and the details to you guys shortly. They’re also offering discount for course registrations.”


These dentists came together and Got Shit Done! If you want something, chances are someone else wants to accomplish that same thing. The first step is to throw the idea out into, in this case, DSN’s Workplace community. That’s exactly what this DSN poster did. She asked a question to get a feel of who else would like Piko’s videos and another dentist was able to score the deal through negotiation. It’s thrilling seeing Dentist’s come together to execute greater actions. If you’re looking for more actionable information like this, join DSN!