Guided Surgery Resources

Guided Surgery Keys using DICOM and STL files

Do you want to learn how to do guided surgery cases for about $20/case?  The great news is that it’s not that hard, and it’s able to be done on budget, and accurate!

On DSN, we have clinical instructors giving the keys- detailed videos of exactly how to do guided surgery for basic cases, multiple unit cases, heavily restored using a scan appliance, acquiring your STL with a cone beam scan of a model, and full arch edentulous cases.  This is literally the entire hands on portion of what we do in the 2 day guided surgery course ($2k).  Teach yourself guided surgery from A to Z at your own pace. 

When you provide crucial resources to a group of dentists, you receive the utmost appreciation from your peers. Here’s what the DSN community had to say after receiving videos and files on how to do guided surgeries:

Appreciation Galore:

  • “Thank you. This is gold and coming at exactly the right time. Nobel Rep trying to sell me on Nobelclinician planning software but I know Blue Sky Plan is a very good choice (and a lot less $). Thank you for generously sharing your knowledge!”

——-> Reply: “OMG………$750 a guide AFTER you’ve bought their software!!!!!!! Amazing they’re able to get anyone to buy it. Only explanation I can think of is they just don’t know other options exist and they hate keeping their own money. Hope this helps : )”

 ——-> Reply: “Thank you. I hope to hear from the ones that go through the process , including what are the most reliable yet cost effective scanners/ printers. I just learned that anatomage charges $495 for a guide, even more for a bone reduction guide. That certainly adds to case overhead.”

——-> Reply: “Haven’t done a guided case. Have heard of getting a pilot guide to save money on the case from Biohorizons. Recommendations. I have pts get CT scan from periodontist’ office for 265 dollars then I review to determine length,width of implant. However, my angulation can be off at times. Also don’t want to invest in guided surgical drills kit just yet. Feedback?”

——-> Reply: “First of all thank you so much for sharing this information. That is very generous. You are making us all better clinicians. Very useful and started to implement this for all my cases. Does anyone know if you can still apply this technique in areas where there is a distal extension? All these cases (minus the fully edentulous) appear to have tooth supported guides on either side of the surgical site. If we would like to place implants say in sites 3 and 4 and patient is missing #2 already, could this still work and provide enough stability or is there another technique that someone can recommend for guide fabrication in this scenario?”

——-> Reply: “yes you can do it but depends on the amount of tissue support………..if it’s a great ridge with broad base, go ahead. If not, you can actually segment a small portion of the bone on the ridge and make part of the guide on the extension bone supported and then tissue/tooth supported everywhere else”

When you join a group of people who sincerely care about the success of other dentists you end up with some pretty cool resources, ideas, and feedback. If you’re looking for more actionable information like this, join DSN!