Informing your Patients of any change within your Practice

Post from DSN User:

“Getting out in front our a major storm coming . . .

As I scale back clinically in an attempt to work on the business and serve my doctors to make them the best  possible, we are discovering patients upset/frustrated that I am no longer available to provide them care.

My team understands the vision. I have preached to them for almost 2 years that this was coming and that I can help exponentially more people away from the chair than I can at the chair. They get it.

My team is struggling to communicate this to the patients in a way that appeases them.

The team has asked if I make a short 5 minute video explaining to our patient base what our vision is and why I need to reduce my clinical time in order to make our why happen. I routinely make videos to communicate ideas to my team and patients so they thought this would be an ideal solution.

Do you think this is a good idea?”



“I think it’s a great idea. Having gone through this myself, you’re patients just want to know the why. Most will be good with hearing it from you & understanding. Especially if you endorse the authority of the docs you are entrusting their care to in that video. Another thing I did as I scaled back my clinical time was raise my fee schedule above the other Docs. If you’re in network then go out of network. So your patients who still want you can have access to you but they are going to have to pay more for that access or they can choose one of your trusted associates instead.”


“I like the idea of either raising your fees or going out of network. I also like the idea of a letter better than video. Even when printed and sent to many, a letter has more of a personal feel than a video, which seems to be designed for mass production. Maybe it’s just me.” 



Original Poster

“Such great feedback. I’ll do both! A letter and a video. I’ll share it here for anyone that’s interested.

Just to be clear, the purpose of this isn’t to prevent patients from leaving the practice. 99% of them are not going anywhere. The purpose is for our patients to hear directly from me what’s going on and why things are changing. My team has tried to communicate it but still there is a gap.”


Thanks to DSN and its members this DSN user was able to gather feedback and make a decision. He decided that creating a video and a letter will be beneficial due to having both young and mature patients. He wants to make sure that all of his patients will be aware of the change about to take place in his practice. If you’re looking for more actionable information like this, join DSN!