Keep Up the Fight!

Post from DSN User:

“Here’s a story….

Placed an implant as an associate in one office. Left that office. The implant did not integrate. The dentist punted her care back to me while I was an associate in a different office (just a little awkward). Opened my office where I placed a second implant. It integrated. So now this patient is crossing state line through Manhattan of all places (suffice to say it’s quite a journey from where she lives to see me). When we go to restore the abutment is a football field off the implant “fully engaged”. NBD, new impression and patient is in good spirit. I see her this evening for round 2 implant restoration. PA show incomplete seat but just a little off. NBD, I pull out the torque wrench. Tighten to 35Ncm. PA show another football field between my crown and the implant (WTF). NBD, let’s back it out and take a new impression (round 3 anyone?). I stripped the screw. Can’t move it in or out. stuck! Patient in room 1 with a hemorrhaging MB canal on 15 just a little tired of being cranked open for an hour. Good news, new patient waiting for an exam 30 minutes past appointment in room 2 and a Periodic ortho aligner seat needing IPR.

Needless to say I was thinking to myself this morning I want out!

I can’t believe sometimes how I manage. I keep it together, thrive and prosper despite working in an environment dependent on structure, order and predictability. I work with human beings! There isn’t anything less structured, ordered or predictable.

I want to extend my deep respect for all of you out there in the trenches. Keep up the fight! We are blessed and privileged to have the opportunities we have.

It’s great to be here with you all!”



  • “Some days you’re the pigeon. Some days you’re the statue. Tomorrow will be better.”
  • “Implants are easy to humble you. One wrong step early makes more wrong steps later.”
  • “Man, I’ve been in those situations too. Get some rest and live to fight another day. Some days are up and extractions come out like butter, implant abutments seat smoothly, molar rct are slam dunk, and all your crowns fit perfect. Other days, well.. are like today. Don’t be discouraged and get back on the saddle. anyone reading this knows your pain all too well, great post!”
  • “All those people bitching about dentists don’t realize how hard it can be. Some days are amazing and other days suck. I wish I could share something more profound and reassuring but I don’t have anything else to say except what you already echoed: ‘I am glad we have each other.’ “
  • “You forgot to mention all the other fires you’re trying to put out in the office!!! It’s a constant juggle, but you have to love the good and the bad and realize that you probably care more than many other dentists out there. I’m sure your patients are getting next level care, and have no problem forgiving relatively small inconsistencies!”
  • “I will be talking about how to stop being the Firefighter in Chief in your practice at the upcoming Practice on Fire Live!”
  • “I had a similar issue. I had difficulty placing an implant with the driver I had. Then same issue seating the impression post…and tried two crowns…long story short. I very carefully used a 7901 bur to try and clear the area, very gently. This was my very last option before I was going cap it and place a bridge. I think I had some debris from the screw threads from placing the implant. It worked, and I was able to seat the crown and torque to place. That was about 2 years ago. I reached out to see if anyone had this issue with no luck prior to using the bur.”
  • “I got mine handed to me last week, was in the same boat. Misery loves company, stay strong brother”
  • “Well said and right back atcha buddy. No one can fathom the stresses that we’re under everyday unless you’ve lived it. Chin up, and carry on. You’re appreciated!”
  • “Thanks for sharing man. Had a day like this yesterday. Went home and hugged the kids and kissed the wife…sanity again. Find your Peace in this wild profession”

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Here’s an example of gratitude arising from a day full of unfortunate events. These are the days when you want to say “I give up” or how this DSN user felt, “I want out!”. However, if you have a supportive group to lean on, those days will never overpower what you’re trying to accomplish. Giving up will never be an option.

Many dentists responded to this DSN user’s post with encouragement and even some of their own horror stories. Everyone gets to a point where they feel like they’re drowning so it’s crucial to share your positivity in a time of need. We are bound for great things so let’s come together and help each other succeed!

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