Question from DSN User:

More Scorecard/KPI/Metrics talk!

As some of you know we are completely revamping our scorecards. We think we have it fairly dialed in. WHAT WE DON’T HAVE is the WHY, HOW and WHAT with each metric. I, and I would guess some of you, just assume that everyone gets it, they understand why we measure what we measure and they understand how we measure it.

What Im finding is NOTHING could be further from the truth.

Can you help me with this? Lets create a list of as many as we can. We will then have one single document where we can all go to and choose what metrics work best for us at this point in time.

Here is an example:

KPI: Case Acceptance %

What is Case acceptance %?

Case Acceptance % is defined as the % of treatment that was proposed by a provider that gets scheduled/performed. For example if a provider presents $10,000 worth of dentistry and the pt chooses to schedule $2,000 of that proposed tx, the case acceptance % is 20%.

How do we measure case acceptance %?

Via dental intel we are able to pull reports on what a provider has tx planned vs what % of that tx has been scheduled and/or performed over a certain period of time

Why do we measure case acceptance %?

We measure this % to give our providers weekly feedback on how receptive pts are to their tx plans. We also measure this so certain providers that have high case acceptance % can work with providers that have lower case acceptance %, sharing best practices in a effort to improve the overall %.

Whats a goal range for case acceptance %?

In our office we would like to work towards a case acceptance % of 35%. We measure this via a rolling 4 month average because we do not want to pressure pts to scheduled instead trying to give them time to digest what we have discussed with them .

So what are some other big KPIs that DSN members like to focus on?  Here’s a list:

Spear Videos Shown

Forward 4 week production

Social Media Selfies

10% of daily production is SAME DAY TREATMENT

New patient call conversion %

Missed Call total #

Missed Call %

Incomplete notes

Walkout Errors

Number of days till next NP

% of NP blocks filled with NP

Cost per NP


% of patients referring a NP

implants presented

Periodontal Tx %

Total Tx presented

Accounts Receivable

Lead Conversion

Open Time in Hyg over next 2 weeks

Hyg Reappointment Rate

Crowns presented

Sealants presented

Aligner Cases presented

Unconfirmed Appointments %

Limited Exams converted to Comp Exams

Net New Patient Flow

Treatment presented per doctor


Together DSN doctors pulled together to fill out the KPI sheet and give some really good content to How to use KPIs, What they mean, and how to get staff to use them!

It’s amazing what get’s done when dentists come together to discuss topics. With just one post and a goal in mind, dentists were able to create a list of KPI’s that other dentist can refer to when needed. If you’re looking for more actionable information like this, join DSN!