Cosmetic Confidence Hands-On Course

Speaker: Andrew Turchin

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Event DateOctober 17, 2019
October 18, 2019

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Join Dr. Andrew Turchin on October 17th & 18th and November 7th & 8th, live in Aspen, Colorado for a small group, over the shoulder, hands-on and didactic 4-day cosmetic course.

Learn the secrets to predictable cosmetic dentistry. 

  • No more taking a weekend course and not having the confidence to implement what you learned.
  • No more unhappy cosmetic patients.
  • And most importantly virtually no more broken, chipped or debonded veneers.



  • The ideals of an ideal smile and bite
  • The Complete Dental Exam
  • Presenting cosmetic options
  • CR records and mounting
  • Waxing to ideal occlusion and esthetics
  • The Dual Blueprint Method for predictable outcome
  • Veneer temporary Restorations that look as good as natural and are trouble free
  • Ideal preparation design
  • A predictable impression technique for multiple units without packing cord
  • Lab communication
  • Rapid and predictable bonding technique for 99.6% success
  • Team leadership that improves customer service


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Andrew Turchin is committed to providing excellence in dentistry, and stands out as a leading dentist in Aspen. The doctor uses the latest in dentistry techniques to provide you with a beautiful and healthy smile. Additionally, Andrew Turchin believes strongly in education to prevent oral health problems before they occur, and makes sure to keep patients fully informed about their dental health.

Dr. Turchin’s desire to give his patients the very best has kept his schedule busy with Continuing Education Seminars all over the country, and Study Clubs such as the Occlusal Concepts Study Club of Manhattan.  His treatment philosophy of integrating health and beauty has interested many different groups, making him a busy lecturer as well.  As the science and art of dentistry moves forward, Dr. Turchin is dedicated to being at the forefront. But he knows that personalized care is the most important quality in treating people.

Day 1 am: Clinical: Photos, Prep, temp, impress.

Day 1 pm: Lecture: 2 hour lecture on the ideal smile and prep appointment.

Group dinner (optional)

Day 2 am: Post op case, demonstrate records (photos, kois and CR), take records on clinical partner.

Day 2 pm: Lecture on case presentation. Insert appointment.

Day 3 am: Insert case.

Day 3 pm: Try on and modify smile design of your partner.

Group dinner (optional)

Day 4 am: Post op appointment.

Day 4 pm: Lecture on wow, team motivation, and systems.

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