Cosmetic Confidence – Predictable Esthetics and Occlusion

Speaker: Dr. Turchin/Cosmetic Confidence Coaching

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Event DateNovember 9, 2018
CE Credit8

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  • No more taking a weekend course and not having the confidence to implement what you learned.
  • No more unhappy cosmetic patients.
  • And most importantly virtually no more broken, chipped or debonded veneers

Dr. Andrew Turchin practices full time restorative dentistry in Aspen, CO where in 5 years has built a practice that treats billionaires, bartenders and everyone in between. But he is most well known for his predictable natural Cosmetic and Occlusal Reconstructions for which patients travel from all over the country and world. His unique process guarantees patients love their smile and that it is long lasting. Dr. Turchin has gone to the great lengths of importing talented ceramists from Italy and across the country for his In-House Laboratory. The laboratory gives him and his coaching clients, one extra level of predictability in their results. Predictability of process equals confidence.

  • The ideals of an ideal smile and bite
  • The Complete Dental Exam
  • Presenting cosmetic options
  • CR records and mounting
  • Waxing to ideal occlusion and esthetics
  • The Dual Blueprint Method for predictable outcome
  • Veneer temporary Restorations that look as good as natural and are trouble free
  • Ideal preparation design
  • A predictable impression technique for multiple units without packing cord
  • Lab communication
  • Rapid and predictable bonding technique for 99.6% success
  • Team leadership that improves customer service

The speaker declares that neither he nor any member of his family have a financial arrangement or affiliation with any corporate organization offering financial support or grant monies for this continuing education program. Although commercially available products are discussed, no financial arrangements exist between the manufacturers and the speaker.

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