Orthodontic Implementation Workshop – Finally Demystify Orthodontics and Unlock a Huge Profit Center for All Practices

Speaker: Dr. Grossman

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Event DateOctober 5, 2018
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The difference between Cosmetic Orthodontic Systems and almost ALL other orthodontic courses is that we FOCUS on the ATTENDEE and their needs in a workshop setting.  We walk through every step in the Patient’s journey from Marketing, to Phone Call, to Bulletproof Consultations, to DELEGATING MOST OF TREATMENT, as well as Case Selection, Diagnosis and Case Finishing.  Each stage has a practice specific exercise to be completed at the workshop giving you Practice Specific Action Steps to go back on Monday and get started…the best part is at least 90% of these tasks can be delegated which is why we STRONGLY recommend you bring a key Dental Assistant that is an A player ready to up his/her game.

Dr. Mike Grossman is a general dentist who focuses his clinical work on orthodontics and restorative dentistry.  He owns multiple practices and enjoys growing teams and expanding others’ capabilities. Dr. Grossman graduated SUNY Buffalo in 2004 and went straight into private practice in the practice he currently owns with great mentors.

Participants will leave with PERSONALIZED action plans to implement all aspects of cosmetic orthodontics including

  • How to budget and create the right marketing campaign for YOUR market
  • How to run Bullet Proof Consultations
  • How to Delegate ANY non-doctor tasks to assistants to maximize overall production while running a General Practice
  • How to Schedule efficiently for YOUR particular situation
  • Learn clinical tips and tricks to expedite treatment times with hands on models and LIVE patient demos
  • Learn to handle patient expectations and complications
  • Learn to diagnose and select cases
  • Learn retention protocols and case finishing
  • Create practice specific lists for supplies and equipment needs

This course, or as I like to call it “Implementation Workshop”, allows the participant to truly immerse themselves and their assistant into the world of Cosmetic Orthodontics.  This is NOT a “big box” sales pitch! This is meant for dentists who want to massively increase their production by doing more ortho in their everyday General Practice with confidence.

The speaker declares that neither he nor any member of his family have a financial arrangement or affiliation with any corporate organization offering financial support or grant monies for this continuing education program. Although commercially available products are discussed, no financial arrangements exist between the manufacturers and the speaker.

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