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90 Day Special

For the launch of the DSN Eduction Hub we are releasing Dr. Chris Phelps’s online course “Get More Quality New Patients and Guide Them To Yes!”.  More online CE will be released regularly.

Upcoming Online CE Releases
Next in line Online CE releases… stay tuned for the releases from: Dr. Cory Glenn, Dr. David Maloley, Dr. Jason Smithson, Dr. Tim McNamara, Dr. Justin Moody, Dr. Josh Wren, Dr David Bender, Alastair MacDonald, Dr. Tom Larkin, Dr. Audra Ward, Dr. Aaron Nicholas, Dr. Russel Kirk, Dr. Cory Pickens, Dr. Justin Moody, Jayme Amos, Olivia Berg, Dr. Jason Campbell, Jake Conway, Dr. Danny Domingue, Dr. Gina Dorfman, Dr. Mike Grossman, Reese Harper, Dr. Andrew Turchin, Dr. Cole Hackett, ….and many, many more