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Finally, a space for real dentists to discuss things that we all face day to day, but without the judgement or condescending attitudes that are all too familiar within dentistry. And to have leaders in dentistry that have been there done that, and are willing to so openly share their thoughts and ideas, how cool! All that with the added bonus of getting discounts and vendors through DSN like the big corporate places get. This could be the jumpstart that our profession needs to collectively increase our practice success and to avoid the pitfalls our medical counterparts made.
Dr. Jason Lowery
DSN is EXACTLY like drinking from a firehose. I’m trying to absorb all the expert information from DSN guru’s in: scaling up dental practices, endo, ortho, implants, and practice management, but I can’t keep up with all the good content being shared. These business experts have mega clinics, and multiple practices. Dental consulting and online business webinars are going to have to raise the bar to compete.
Dr. Josh Cochran
DSN is going to help contribute to my success in a unique way. I now have access to other doctors who have already done what I am looking to accomplish! Over time this will help my business grow beyond what I could do on my own!
Dr. Brennan Bonati
I feel like I've been looking for this forever! A group of dentists I can bounce both business and clinical ideas off of. And to get advice from seasoned vets makes me even more confident I'm not gonna screw things up. Oh, and did I mention the people in there aren't all snarky and depressed?! Love it! I'm quickly becoming an addict.
Dr. Bryan Stimmler

I am inspired to be with such an awesome group of thought leaders, movers, and shakers. I especially like the attention and advice I’ve been receiving with high impact marketing strategies. I’m excited to implement what I learn here and to take my practice to the next level!

Dr. Matt Standridge